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You might have questions about the nutritional content of the beef you eat, along with concerns about inputs, like hormones, in the food supply. Cattle producers take pride in the animals in their care, and are constantly thinking about the health of consumers.

Wondering About Hormones in Beef?

What Are Hormones and Why Are They Used in Beef Production?

Wondering About Nutrition and Beef?

Beef’s Role in a Healthy Diet

Do plants and animals naturally produce hormones? 

Yes, even the human body produces hormones naturally, no matter what you eat. 

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What are hormone implants? 

Hormone implants are small, slow release pellets placed under the skin in an animal’s ear to enhance production of natural hormones. Using hormone implants directs growth towards muscle and away from fat, which boosts growth rate and means less feed is needed for the animal to gain weight. 

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Is the use of hormone implants safe and regulated in Canada? 

Yes, the use of hormone implants is safe and regulated in Canada. 

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How does a serving of cooked beef contribute to a healthy, balanced diet? 

A 75g serving of cooked beef provides 26g of protein, 25mg of iron, 1.8µg of vitamin B12, and 6.5mg of zinc. 

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Does eating beef cause heart disease? 

Red meat does not significantly increase cardiovascular risk when consumed in recommended amounts. About half of the fat found in beef is the same type of monounsaturated fat found in olive oil. A European study found no association between unprocessed red meat and any cause of death, including heart disease or cancer. 

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How does beef compare to other sources of protein? 

A 75g serving of cooked beef contains 26mg of protein and 184 calories. To get the same amount of protein from other sources, you would need to eat 1 ¾ servings of tofu (260 calories), 2 ⅓ servings of black beans (391 calories), or 3 ⅖ servings of almonds (715 calories).

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