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Kindergarten and Grade 1

Teaching and Learning Materials

Teaching Resources provide teaching approaches and activities, as well as assessment supports correlated to curriculum outcomes and competencies. Suggestions for building competencies, literacy and numeracy and differentiating instruction are embedded throughout these resources. Approaches and activities in these teaching resources encourage students to develop understandings of the ways of life involved in raising cattle and contributing to Alberta’s and Canada’s food system while respecting the different choices that people make about their food.

Student Learning Pages are organized around conceptual knowledge and understandings and include information, active learning strategies and graphic organizers. Learning pages include fillable fields for student responses, allowing them to be saved in online classroom folders. The many authentic photos and stories used in the learning pages share the land, resources, experiences and stewardship that are part of Alberta cattle ranching and farming families. 

Infographics provide a series of puzzle pieces with images, words, phrases and sentences. These puzzle pieces connect to the activities in the Learning Pages. They can be downloaded in letter or tabloid formats. An Infographic Template provides a simple format with fillable fields that students can use to create their own versions.

Finding Alberta Beef Teaching Guide K1

Finding Alberta Beef Infographic K1

Finding Alberta Beef Learning Pages K1

Finding Alberta Beef Infographic Template K1