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Junior / Senior High

Teaching and Learning Materials

Challenge BEEF resources support teaching and learning in Alberta Science and Social Studies curriculum and reinforce competencies, literacy and numeracy. Suggestions are provided for possible integration into other subject areas, including English Language Arts and Career and Technology Studies AGR courses. 

The Challenge BEEF resources encourage students to develop understandings of Alberta’s and Canada’s food system while respecting the different choices that people make about their food, through current issues connected to three big idea topics. Each topic includes activities designed to be implemented in one to three junior or senior high classes, is organized around a series of challenges for student learning, is centred on an essential question and developed through guiding questions and activities. 

Each topic includes a culminating topic challenge, which turn the essential question into a call to action by asking students to create solutions or responses applicable to local and/or personal contexts. 

Challenge Beef resources provide suggestions for teaching and assessment, curriculum-specific connections, weblinks for background or further information and student handouts with source materials, embedded questions and activities with fillable fields, authentic Alberta ranch and farm photos and stories and weblinks for research and exploration.

Media Messages

Essential Question: How can media messages contribute to misinformation about food choices?

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Essential Question: How does globalization affect the resilience of our food system?

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Essential Question: How does sustainability affect my food choices?

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