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Teaching and Learning Materials

The Finding Alberta Beef elementary program provides integrated mini units that centre on the importance of agriculture, specifically the impact that beef production has on Canadian and Alberta communities, individuals and quality of life. These resources are designed to support the competencies and specific learning outcomes in Alberta’s Kindergarten to Grade 5 Social Studies, Science and Health/Wellness programs of study. Many activities reinforce literacy and numeracy skills.

Kindergarten and Grade 1
Finding Places and Stories

Guiding Questions: What can we learn about land and place? How does the environment meet the needs of living things?

Grade 2 and 3
Making Connections to Land and Environments

Guiding Questions: How are farmers and ranchers connected to land and place? Where does our food come from? How do cattle grow in Alberta environments?

Grade 4
Making Contributions to Environments and Communities

Guiding Questions: How do Alberta communities benefit from the contributions of farmers and ranchers? Where are ecosystems found on farms and ranches?

Grade 5
Finding Connections to Land, Agriculture and Ways of Life

Guiding Questions: How is agriculture interdependent with the environment? Why do healthy environments provide healthy food choices?