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Career and Technology Studies

Teaching and Learning Materials

These materials support Career and Technology Studies Fod2011 Basic Meat Cookery and include approaches, strategies, tools, assessment and student learning support for both independent and classroom lab-based learning contexts. Consistent with the approach and structure of CTS courses, this resource facilitates multiple pathways and encourages students to explore and learn based on their interests, prior knowledge and experiences. Icons make navigation through this resource easy by identifying support for scaffolding, extending, and assessing learning as well as website and video link. Icons also identify:

  • Marketplace information on beef cuts
  • Prep skill for food ingredient and nutrition knowledge
  • Culinary practice tips, strategies and video link for cooking and tenderizing beef
  • Recipes that range from simple sloppy joes to beef stays, roasts, stroganoff and stir fries
  • Chef skill for food safety

Program components provide interactive checkboxes and fillable fields for tracking and customizing learning.