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Animal Care

Cattle producers take their ethical responsibility to care for the health and welfare of their animals seriously, including using antibiotics when appropriate. That’s why our producers are well acquainted with responsible antibiotic use and how to use them properly.

Wondering About Antibiotics in Beef?

Why Use Antibiotics in Beef?

Why are antibiotics used in cattle? 

Antibiotics are used in cattle for two reasons: 

  1. Prevention: preventing infection can reduce the need to use more powerful antibiotics if the disease becomes more serious.
  2. Treatment and control of disease: antibiotics can help protect cattle health by limiting the spread of disease.

Are there antibiotics in the beef I buy? 

No — all beef is antibiotic free. A specified withdrawal time must pass after the last treatment to ensure there are no antibiotic residues left in the beef. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency regularly tests for residues. 

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